Writing with Intention

Its not you, its me

I’m sorry to say that we’re breaking up. This blog and me, we’ve been going in different directions – grown apart as they say – and its time for me to give it up.

Not the week I thought it would be

I tend to do pretty badly whenever my plans have to be suddenly changed. Like any sort of plan. If I’m planning on making chicken soup for dinner but then forget to buy stock, so I have to make roast instead, I freak out. Well not really, but internally, yes.

Inadvertently Giving Myself a Break

I just had what I tend to think of as a ‘Nothing Weekend’. I had no plans to speak of, you know, aside from like cleaning the house and working out and stuff. But no outside plans. In fact, if it wasn’t for little trips to the corner shop across the road from my apartment,…

Evening Genius

I would say that about four nights out of the week I have about ten minutes of *thinking* before I eventually fall asleep. Sometimes my thoughts are simply ‘I mustn’t forget to wear those sweatpants tomorrow’ and sometimes they’re actually creative ideas.

Oy with the Poodles already

If you get this reference, then you too, are watching far too much Gilmore Girls. Take a break, walk outside, call your grandmother. Or… sip coffee in Luke’s Diner, have dinner at the Dragonfly, attend a function hosted by Emily.

Protests, Dwarves and Disney

Autumn feels like a naturally nostalgic time, don’t you think? Perhaps its all the candles, which remind me of the lengths we had to go as kids to see anything when the power kept going out. Or its the colour orange, the colour that reflects of falling leaves that is so universal wherever you go.…

Little Museums and Old Friends

I find the term ‘old friend’ interesting, because it can be open to interpretation – is my friend just an old person? Or is the friendship itself old? In this case anyway it is simply the friendship, unless you consider 23 an old person.


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