Writing with Intention

Romanticising the Mundane

There’s a weird phrase going around the internet at the moment – ‘main character energy’ – or something like that. When you look into it, it’s basically a bunch of girls framing their somewhat ordinary lives as an urban romance.

Teenage Troubles

I guess I’m trying to figure out if I can’t hack being around teenagers anymore because I sincerely don’t like them, or I don’t like what they remind me of. It may a little bit of both.

Wanting Alone Time

I’m grateful that I’ve learnt what a healthy relationship is, through having one. Over three years together and I’m still happy that we met, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want some alone time.

Birthday Bliss

This year, I really started appreciating the people around me, in my life and subsequently where I’ve gotten in this 23 years of occupying space.

The Fear of Admitting a Goal of Childlessness

I’m tired. I am so tired of being made to feel lesser, emotionless, short-sighted, naïve, young, stupid, thoughtless…just because I don’t want to have children. Boom. There it is.

Why is that such a difficult sentence to put out onto the internet? Even now I’m dreading any comments that may come up trying to convince me of my non-ethical ways.

Ha Ha Ha … I guess

Why is it that I thought that every aspect of my life needed to be so meaningful? So serious? So life-alteringly complex. Some moments are just moments. Just there to be lived in. Enjoyed. Made fun of.


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