Writing with Intention

Living Americanah

This week I’ve been thinking about living in America vs. my childhood in South Africa. The fundamental difference – The American Dream.

I mean also…location, mentality, just about almost everything… but lets focus on the American Dream, shall we?

Thinking About Therapy

This week we’re going to discuss my biggest takeaways from my short time in therapy and what kind of therapy I chose to undertake and why. If you are wondering whether it’s worth your while at all, this should give you some idea.

Napping Away 3 Weeks of my Life

This week I’m focusing on what it actually means to be an adult. What are the criteria? Should there be criteria? Are we all just in a constant state of growing up, never to be fully grown?

Hopefully we can figure it out.

That Good Old Anxiety Re-Spiral

Today we’re talking about personality, about who we are, and why it’s so freaking important for me to figure it out. I don’t have all the answers, but I do have a ton of questions and a handful of theories. Let’s have a conversation.


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