Writing with Intention

Stressing Out About The Very Passage Of Time

Not only have my own first times been on my mind, but also everyone else’s. Everyone whose first time involves me. Any kind of first. First Kiss. First Colleague. First Friend. The intense interconnection of all of us, of everyone I know.

That Good Old Anxiety Re-Spiral

Today we’re talking about personality, about who we are, and why it’s so freaking important for me to figure it out. I don’t have all the answers, but I do have a ton of questions and a handful of theories. Let’s have a conversation.

Getting Dramatic About Things I Don’t Like

I’m surprised I managed to talk about the Afrikaans language, Taylor Swift as well as my poor reputation in high school, but we managed it! Today I’m talking about what I’m deciding is contrarianism. Because for the longest time I seemed to think defaulting to not liking everything would make me ‘cooler’ and protect me from failure.

Is Infidelity Subjective?

This week we get into the discussion of whether infidelity is subjective…then we go off on tangents…but we get there in the end! I have been thinking about how relationships, and more accurately, the acts that end relationships, can be viewed completely differently from either person. Why is that?


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