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Little Museums and Old Friends

I find the term ‘old friend’ interesting, because it can be open to interpretation – is my friend just an old person? Or is the friendship itself old? In this case anyway it is simply the friendship, unless you consider 23 an old person.

Having the same revelation every year

I guess what I’m trying to get out is that I have fulfilling ways to spend my time, but there are always those in between moments of quiet that I haven’t quite settled myself with. I’ve written about those a lot here – I call them the ‘in between spaces’ of life.

The Disparity of Gender

What I didn’t account for, are all the enraging facts about how women are so grossly misrepresented in medical research, in medical education and in the healthcare system in general. It has not only opened my eyes to the fact that gender disparity is still very real, but also to the fact its so real that its a problem, it literally leads to more death in women. Come on.

Lets get a lil angry about Misogyny

Once I entered into the corporate workforce, woof, it didn’t get much better. And trust, most men these days are fine, not perfect but fine. But some. Some? They can kiss my balls, my big fat female balls, which is exactly what they deserve.

Why do we place intellectual importance on sadness?

My current romance project has me thinking, why did I lean so heavily into my stories of grief and loss? Of pain and trials? Certainly, it makes for a good story simply because of the conflict that comes of that, but it was something more. I was working under the assumption that a sad story is a good story.

Girl, I’m watching too much Drag Race

Is there such a thing? Is it really a problem that I know think in terms of ‘paint’, ‘death drops’ and ‘tucks’? I know it ain’t a problem that I am feeling all the sass that comes with it. I actually finger snapped at my partner yesterday.

I’m an accidental wanderer

I haven’t been particularly busy on my blog, which always happens when I forget what my point of view is. I guess it never really occurs to me that a shifting point of view, in flux, is still valid. I don’t need to know the ins and outs of an issue or an idea to write about it, or even feel comfortable bringing it up.

The Milestone Trap

I think that after all this time I still come to think of my life as hitting ‘milestones.’

Moved in together. Tick. Got a cat. Tick. Full time corporate job. Tick. And now, Degree. Tick.


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