Wading Through the Big Sad

I’m wading through the big sad and I can see the end of the ocean – but I’m not sure I want to get out just yet. It’s a strange kind of addiction – sadness – when you’ve finally learnt to live your life around it you don’t really want to say goodbye to it.

Getting Comfortable with Doing Nothing

I’m pretty sure I mentioned before that I’m terrible at doing nothing. That I need to have a ridiculous amount of schedules and daily routines to feel settled on any given day.
I have to say this has gotten so much better with the addition of one little thing.

Pain or Peace?

I am interested in how we feel it and in fact, how we feel about it. Because I’m so f**king scared of pain, even though I’ve lived through all kinds of it and I live well. I’m at peace, but is it the strange sort of peace that sits on a frozen pond? Will it sink to the depths with the changing seasons?