Its not you, its me

I’m sorry to say that we’re breaking up. This blog and me, we’ve been going in different directions – grown apart as they say – and its time for me to give it up.

Dramatics aside, I don’t actually know why now feels like the right time to say goodbye to this blog I started during lockdown almost 3 years ago. It has changed with me, as my interests shifted, and reflects a lot of the projects I’ve started and stopped over the years. Perhaps that’s why I am ending it, maybe I need a clean slate to get on with my own business. Work on my book. Exercise. Try new recipes. Cuddle the cat. Watch Youtube. Play Bratz on the ps2. You know, grown-up stuff.

But that’s a limp guess really, and not exactly why I feel like its time, but just skirting the edges of this inexplicable feeling that I need to focus in on myself. And block out everything else. Call me selfish, I won’t be around to hear you anyway.

I do love this blog, and the way it let me refine my written ‘voice’, develop my humour, allow me to reflect on the things going on in my little life. But I need less reflection and more action, more living of my life, as mundane or settled as it may be.

Thank you little blog, and everyone who read it. I’m not saying goodbye forever, but certainly for the foreseeable.

Until next time? x

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