The Zombie Apocalypse Starts in London

I’d bet all my savings on it. And my left foot. And my Lego collection.

So yeah, I was just in London for a long weekend – and while I was not inundated by zombies – I have a credible theory, and it’s based on the Tube. We took the tube everywhere, as you do in London, and so we were in that underground hellscape about four times a day.

When we got back to the hotel room in the evening, and blew our noses, it came out black. Because of all the shit we were breathing in from the underground. After that first night I could hardly take a proper breath for the whole trip. I have no idea how Londoners are not all racked with the plague.

And this brings me to the theory, that the zombie apocalypse starts in the tube. Something in the air will mesh with something even worse in the air, and then suddenly half of London is undead. The scary thing is that they are so close to Ireland. But at least we don’t have a tube, so perhaps we may be okay.

Other than the possibility of contracting a disease, dying, and coming back as a reanimated corpse – the trip was lovely.

We did a fair bit of shopping, played a hilarious round of drunk mini golf, had a great time at the 3-star rated Back to the Future musical, browsed the Harry Potter store at King’s Cross, and was threatened by a T-Rex at a Jurassic Park exhibition. The food was overpriced but delicious, I got some chai gingerbread tea to enjoy at home, and a chocolate frog to jump in to. And now I have an adorable stuffed velociraptor that is perfect sleep-and-cuddle size. I call him Emotional Support Raptor – or Essie for short.

All in all, a great trip, and such a bonus that we didn’t turn into zombies too.

Until next time x


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