My Bedroom makes me look like a Freak

Yes. You read that correctly. It’s exactly how it sounds.

It was a long weekend for us that just passed, the October bank holiday falls on the last Monday of the month, which happened to be Halloween. So, what did myself and my boyfriend do to live it up on our long Halloween weekend?

Parties? Drinks? Dressing up?

No no no, ladies and gentlemen, we have officially reached adulthood. Our exciting weekend consisted of moving around the rooms in our apartment. The bedroom is now where the office was, our office is in the large room that was the bedroom.

It makes sense for us considering my partner is a musician and has more music related crap than anyone on the planet. And he just bought a new drum kit. The third one. THREE. He has a problem.

The only issue with this is that we already soundproofed the old office, because he performs some music recording etc and it was necessary or, so I was told etc etc.

So as of right now, my bedroom consists of a bed, a cat scratch post, a clothes chair and so many sound proofing squares. To the outside viewer, my bedroom is soundproofed for no apparent reason, what is the conclusion?

I’m a freak. Who needs soundproofing in the bedroom to save the neighbours from my freakish ways.

My man better realise how much I do for him.

Until next time x


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