Not the week I thought it would be

I tend to do pretty badly whenever my plans have to be suddenly changed. Like any sort of plan. If I’m planning on making chicken soup for dinner but then forget to buy stock, so I have to make roast instead, I freak out. Well not really, but internally, yes.

So, you can imagine how annoyed I was by the tail end of this week, when all my fantastical plans of writing, working out and completing my Etsy order in 3 days all went to pot. (If you’re wondering, ‘wow I never knew she had an Etsy’ then go ahead and take a look here)

So anyway, none of those things went to plan at all because I got sick. The Migraine to End All Migraines besieged me on and off for about 5 days. It was only yesterday that I managed to pluck up the nerve to work out again, and my head stopped spinning long enough for me to draw about 20% of my commissioned portrait.

So, I have a lot of catching up to do this weekend, on the house, on my order, especially my book. But also, my self-care, which has basically consisted of me taking pain meds and watching the Gilmore Girls all week – it’s time for a good book and a long bath.

In other news, I spoke to a mortgage broker, and it turns out that me and my self-employed, musician of a partner are not totally priced out of the market. Perhaps we can buy a house. We’ve been saving pretty well anyway and are hoping to kick off the process around January.

Wish us luck.

Until next time xx


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