Inadvertently Giving Myself a Break

Thank goodness for spell check. I was an English major and even I don’t know how to spell ‘inadvertently’. Yes, spell check saved me twice there.

I just had what I tend to think of as a ‘Nothing Weekend’. I had no plans to speak of, you know, aside from like cleaning the house and working out and stuff. But no outside plans. In fact, if it wasn’t for little trips to the corner shop across the road from my apartment, best believe I wouldn’t have left the house at all.

We did a very couch potato thing too, which was moving the TV from the living room to the bedroom, so that we could have a ‘bed weekend’. I say weekend, though it is Monday now, and we plan to keep it there tonight – The Walking Dead releases a new episode today so, why not watch it in bed?

Anyway, it struck me today that I experienced this weekend of not doing much at all, without a single second of berating myself. Usually that happens, you know, like I’m thinking that I’m lazy or not productive or wasting time.

But, like, ‘wasting time’? What’s the point of time, if not to spend it, doing whatever the heck you feel like. Unless you’re a creep or murderer, then no, go do some community service instead.

I can’t even tell you why, suddenly, this weekend I was okay with doing nothing. I’m sure in future there will be more moments when I certainly won’t be, so I’m not even counting this as like self-growth or something. I think it’s just a fluke. I’d love to know why.

And when I look back at the weekend, I still feel like I spent my time well, even though it was mostly spent in bed. I cracked 30k on my romance WIP. I journalled. I finally made use of the washi tape I bought two months ago. I cuddled with my cat. I worked out.

Pretty good weekend all in all.

Until next time x


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