Oy with the Poodles already

If you get this reference, then you too, are watching far too much Gilmore Girls. Take a break, walk outside, call your grandmother. Or… sip coffee in Luke’s Diner, have dinner at the Dragonfly, attend a function hosted by Emily.

If you can’t tell, I’m watching Gilmore Girls – again – and once more it warms my soul. It’s become a sort of tradition for me to watch it around this time of year (as it has for many other basic fall-obsessed ladies) and this time I decided to take it up a notch.

I just finished devouring Lauren Graham’s book, Talking as Fast as I Can, and dubbed it a solid 4 star read. It was fast paced, funny and offered more insight on what it was like to be Lorelai Gilmore while still being herself. It gave me some nifty wiring advice – which, as the world’s most inconsistent writer, I’m in desperate need of – some perspective on enjoying things in the moment, and some good ol’ laughs.

I’ve also become obsessed with watching Dome Keeper playthroughs on YouTube, an easy way to kill an hour in what feels like 5 minutes.

We finally managed to clean the house, after more than a month of being back home from holiday, I feel like I can take a deep breath without inhaling dust once more.

I also hosted a little Paint and Pints in our apartment, with another couple who we have been friends with for years but never hang out exclusively with, and it was a fantastic time. Our theme was actual genius. Know about the Belial trend on Tik Tok? People post cursed-looking images of their pets while angels sing the names of demons. It’s hilarious. And thus, the Cursed Dan theme was born.

I spent an hour drawing out different ridiculous pictures we have of our cat, mid-yawn, mid-sneeze, or just generally looking like something out of a Stephen King novel, on a couple of canvasses. Then everyone pulled out a demon form of Dan out of a hat and got set to work painting him.

Here are some of the cursed Dans we immortalised in paint:

Truly the stuff of Nightmares.

Until next time x


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