Protests, Dwarves and Disney

Autumn feels like a naturally nostalgic time, don’t you think? Perhaps its all the candles, which remind me of the lengths we had to go as kids to see anything when the power kept going out. Or its the colour orange, the colour that reflects off of falling leaves that is so universal wherever you go. Perhaps because, back when I lived in the Southern Hemisphere, my birthday fell in Autumn.

Whatever the reason, anyway, I find myself feeling nostalgic in Autumn in recent years. I understand that ‘romanticise your life’ advice a little bit better, because somehow everything feels effervescent when you light a candle and place a little decorative pumpkin on your table.

What I mean is that I love this season, it brings me joy.

I’ve been feeling even more nostalgic recently with the release of Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, which – lemme tell ya – has me in an absolute chokehold. But I’ve been blessed with stockholm syndrome for Donald Duck, and I love this game, regardless of the hours of my life that wash away fruitlessly while I play.

I’ve been watching more Disney films as a result. Last friday night, I achieved quite a feat. In the span of five hours, I worked out, showered, did the dishes, laundry and watched both Frozen and Frozen 2. They imbued me with some kind of energy. And side note – Frozen 2 is an absolutely slept on Autumn movie, which I had no idea until I watched it and was blown away by the cosiness and the colours.

The following Saturday was about as opposite to the five hour power in every way. I went to a Cost of Living protest in Dublin City with a couple of friends. We spoke about the state of the country, the sorry situations we find ourselves in as young people in this country that caters to the older demographic, a ton of totally non-Disney like conversations. We had good food after (which was overpriced, lol) and when I got home I slept for over 12 hours.

In between all this, my partner and I have been enjoying Lord of the Rings all over again. This much was expected, with the new series releasing on Amazon, it threw us right back on the Middle-Earth train. So the extended editions are being rewatched, on the fancy 4K Ultra HD player we use for literally no other series. (A huge lie, we also use it for Harry Potter rewatches at Christmas.)

As I write this (on Wednesday proceeding all these events) the new Jeremy Clarkson book will be delivered to me tomorrow. And I will read all about his farm in a single sitting, then immediately read it all over again. It will hopefully tide me over until the TV series releases a new season in January, but I doubt it. If anything, it will spur on my fourth rewatch of the series.

Yesterday, my degree arrived in the post, I had it framed hours later and now it hangs in our living room. Sometimes I forget that I got that First Class Honours, then I remember again, and I want to tell everyone. I was still somehow creative and smart in my full time study while holding down a full time job. I am happy the studying is over, it has given me time to step back, to do all those things I listed just there, and to work on my romance novel – which is finally moving again. Only a little though – I managed to squeeze 2500 words out of myself this week. Lets see if we can make it 3000 this week.

And so, these days, I find myself happily entrenched in these small moments of life. For the first time in a long time, I am excited about simply existing in my life.

Until next time x


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