I went to South Africa… then I went to the cinema

You know I haven’t logged into my post editor in a while when I simply type ‘blog’ into my google search bar and expect it to appear. Suppose the main reason I haven’t logged on is that I went on a holiday, back to South Africa with family, which was amazing. But I’m sure you could guess that.

But I’ve been thinking about what I tend to put onto this blog, at one stage I tried advice based on my own learnings, then I tried articulating existential thoughts I believed were poignant, and then I dabbled a little into simple updates about my life.

I’ve been caught in this mind trap, you see, of believing that I need a reason to post on here. That what I write should be enlightening, or funny, or useful to the reader in some abstract way.

So then I’m like, fishing, for enlightening thoughts or deep revelations in my normal day to day. And after coming back from holidays, where I had spent two weeks worried about literally nothing, experiencing a little bit of peace, I have made a decision.

I quite enjoyed posting little tidbits of my life, what I’ve been doing, instead of trying to be a swami of secret knowledge. So that’s what I’m gonna do for a while.

Get ready for – lifestyle blogging.

Ooh, ahh, wow.

And here’s the first piece of lifestyle content:

It was national cinema day last Saturday (3rd September) and therefore the tickets at my local cinema only cost 4 euro. So I picked up a drink and popcorn from the neighbouring shop (because cinema food is crazy overpriced) and settled in to watch Three Thousand Years of Longing.

At least that’s what I think its called. It had Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton as its headliners, a natural draw for me as I love them both, and I had seen that the reviews were amazing. I was confused as to why a group of teenage boys decided to see the film, but this was quickly remedied by the one-minute total boob time on screen.

Anyway, I can’t really recommend the film, although I enjoyed myself immensely, because in my mind the second act made no sense. And also – there seemed to be only two acts, so I was a bit thrown off by the pacing. The acting was phenomenal, obviously, and I did get really engrossed by the story. The writing was simply divine, when it came to the dialogue anyway.

I’d give it 3 slightly confused stars.

Until next time x

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