Having the same revelation every year

Hello, and welcome to my annual existentialism.

At least I’m self aware though.

It usually happens around this time because I have a break from Uni, but this time, its overs. Its the ultimate ‘I have no idea what to do with myself’ part of my life. Of course there is work, there are hobbies, there is meeting up with friends – when I type it out that does sound like a full life.

I guess what I’m trying to get out is that I have fulfilling ways to spend my time, but there are always those in between moments of quiet that I haven’t quite settled myself with. I’ve written about those a lot here – I call them the ‘in between spaces’ of life.

I maintain the belief that the path to peace for myself is learning to love the in between moments. Learning to feel okay with doing nothing. With not getting a goal accomplished, or something checked off the to do.

I also just felt such a lack of motivation in the last week that it dredges it all up again. Simply because I’m not doing what I usually do in the week? My brain is so weird.

Anyway I feel happy enough that I know how I want to feel. That’s the main battle, now I just gotta relax and actually feel that way.

Until next time x


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