I’m writing a romance

I probably mentioned this, but in the wake of finishing my degree (still weird to think about) I suddenly had a ton of time on my hands.

Of course, I entered this time with good intentions of relaxation and resetting after a solid 4+ years of struggling through studying and working full time. After the first week I was incredibly bored – and boom – we thought to ourselves, why not write a romance novel?

I guess in a funny way it is a relaxing detour from my usual dark and gloomy, grief-ridden writing. And when I work on it I smile, so its a success on that front.

What excites me about it though is that I can see this novel becoming truly marketable. I love my characters, I love my setting, and of course I am already thinking of the next novels in the series. Helping each character find love.

Currently we’re sitting at about 20,000 words, a decent count for just over a month’s work.

That’s all – just wanted to put my excitement about this project somewhere.

Until next time x


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