Girl, I’m watching too much Drag Race

Is there such a thing? Is it really a problem that I know think in terms of ‘paint’, ‘death drops’ and ‘tucks’? I know it ain’t a problem that I am feeling all the sass that comes with it. I actually finger snapped at my partner yesterday.

Ya girl is feeling herself.

Anyway its got me thinking, because its me and I overthink everything, about a couple things.

The first is that – damn – what you take in really does shape what you put back out into the world. When I get stuck in my YouTube gaming hole, I feel reserved and watchful. I feel itchy to play video games. I feel like reading fantasy stories that connect with the games I’m watching. Now that I’m watching Drag Race, honey, I feel like dancing. I feel like putting on make up. I feel like painting.

The thing is, those two modes are not bad. And neither of them are more ‘me’. I suppose its just that the one side is wanting to come out more at any particular time. We all like onions, people. We got them layers.

Secondly, I’m thinking about that fact that because I’m watching so much Drag Race, I’m not doing much else. It is SO hard, to stop at one episode and go do something constructive. Or actually worse than that, original and creative. I definitely feel more ‘creative’ in the alternate side of me. But funnily enough, I’m feeling more inspired these days. Like this is the ideas phase. I just need to wait patiently for the execution phase.

Thirdly. My cat would make an amazing drag queen. He is fierce, he is super cute, and he is hella flexible.

That is all.

Until next time x

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