I’m an accidental wanderer

I’m coining this phrase for myself, although I’m sure it exists somewhere else, so don’t come for me.

I haven’t been particularly busy on my blog, which always happens when I forget what my point of view is. I guess it never really occurs to me that a shifting point of view, in flux, is still valid. I don’t need to know the ins and outs of an issue or an idea to write about it, or even feel comfortable bringing it up.

Minds change. They’re always changing. You’d think I would accept that by now.

Anyway, that is my long-winded way of saying that I finished university and its thrown me into a state of flux. Free afternoons, no deadlines aside from my day job, which I could do in my sleep at this point anyway. And I’m like – free time = lost time. Which is not correct but tell that to my loud, loud brain.

And its not even that I feel unproductive, I actually have been really good about taking a step back and leaning into relaxation. I guess I’m just pottering around searching for the next thing to inspire me, drive me towards a goal, because the fact of the matter is – I’m at my happiest when I’m trying to complete a project.

And thus, accidental wanderer. I don’t mean to physically, mentally or spiritually grasp for my next foothold in understanding myself or the world, its just second nature. And I guess at this point, I’m grasping and wandering until the cows come home.

I’m pretty sure none of that made sense.

Oh well.

Until next time x

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One thought on “I’m an accidental wanderer

  1. I think we all do this at one point or other. Something that has defined your life for so long is now gone. You just need to find the next stage of life for you. Congrats on finishing university! And glad to have you back!šŸ„°


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