I asked for a raise

And it was terrifying.

Not because my boss is unfair or a bad listener – quite the opposite – I know he thinks I should be getting more as well. I suppose we all get a little nervous in situations like that right?

‘My time is worth more than what I am being given for it.’

That feels like a ballsy thing to say, which is what a raise is basically about, huh.

Lets put it in perspective that I also asked for a 20% increase. That’s a lot. In my brain its too far a jump. Its ridiculous. But I asked for it – why?

I deserve it.

I remember when I worked in Starbucks and my soul felt like it was wasting away, I was a supervisor who did way more than I should have for that place, and I asked for a 40c per hour increase (which would total just over 1 euro over minimum wage) which was very swiftly denied. So I no longer work for Starbucks.

I expect it becomes easier in the corporate world I’m in now because you get offers from others, which raises your value, like an art piece. Now I can leverage alternative offers from other companies with the one I’m at now.

Its so weird to have a ‘market value’, it does bring to my mind that I am indeed ‘available for sale’ in much the same way someone would sell their body, or their crafts… I just sell my time.

Of course that’s not a new take – its just very strange to think about for longer than 5 minutes.

Until next time x

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