Someone, please draw on my skin with needles

In other words, I’m dying for a tattoo.

Its been over four years since the last one, in fact the last time I felt that sweet, sweet ink – I lived in California. Yeah. Its time.

I found I was beginning to look at getting my next tattoo as a ‘reward’, because the cost always trips me up. For me to justify any big cost, I gotta earn it, right? We’re already starting to see this being a problem.

Lets take it one step further. Not only was using my own money, to get something on my own body, beginning to feel like something that needed to be justified. I began thinking ‘hmm, when I lose X amount of weight, then I’ll get a tattoo.’

I almost slapped myself last week when I realised what I was doing. Who am I? Am I not the person always preaching self love and all that crap? Am I not the person that has done a ton of mental work to actually like who I am?

Needless to say, I’ve booked a consultation with an artist.

Tattoos are not rewards. They are choices, like everything else is a choice. I’m choosing to get some dope ink on my arm.

Until next time x


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