I ignored you for two months and became an award winning writer

Of course, the two are not consequential, just things that have happened.

I have been ignoring my blog, for all the usual life reasons, but usually it just comes from me not having very much to say. Well. I did a bit of travelling and now I got tons to say, hello.

In March I got invited to Spain by the company I work for. It was a huge deal for me, coming from a background of retail, the only benefit I ever knew was being able to cry in the bathroom. I have always felt like an imposter, so I had to grapple with this feeling of guilt as well as excitement. I mean – why would anyone want me to go to an awards ceremony?

I know that’s negative thinking blah blah blah, but we’re not all perfect, don’t lecture me. (that’s directed to myself as well, I need to give myself a break from the verbal flogging once in a while)

Anyway, I won a freaking award. I am – technically – an award winning writer. I write for my job, its not fiction, not my end goal but its pretty cool right? Me. An Award. Damn.

So anyway, that was dope. It came off the back of submitting a huge project, the worth of which still boggles my mind. I can’t believe they put me on that account. But we got through, next stages, my work was well received. Again.

My imposter syndrome is finally fading, I think.

I also went on an anniversary trip with my partner – hello Greece! – and immersed myself in old literature, crafts and mythology. I have always been inspired by Greek mythology, and that trip reignited my love for creation, rejuvenated me, I really needed it.

I’m excited for what is to come in the next few months. I will spend the Easter weekend in Germany with some family, I will complete my degree in May, I will travel to South Africa in the summer to see the rest of the family.

Finally, we can plan big things again!

It is most definitely the post vacation afterglow, but I feel so excited for the next few months.

Until next time x

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