The Creation of the Universe: Narrated by a Camel

You did not read that wrong, I have in fact been reading about the universe from the point of view of a camel. And let me tell you, it has been an incredible experience.

Recently I picked up ‘The Complete Cosmiccomics’ by Italo Calvino (translated of course, because I don’t speak Italian) and devoured the 400 page collection of short stories in two days. And while you may be put off by reading a camel’s point of view, don’t fear, you can also experience the wisdom of a Mammoth, Mollusc and Moon-Milker too.

Moon-milk, ladies and gentlemen. I love this book.

It is the perfect combination of wit and levity. The main narrator, Qfwfq, is hilarious and reflective and tells you about the entire timeline of our universe in bite-sized vignettes. The short stories are heart-breaking, interesting and whimsical and honestly they have me questioning what my priorities in life should actually be.

There is a clear motif regarding the beginning of everything, of the universe of course, but of every period of time thereafter. Like a beginning is simply the next phase in the cosmological thread of fate, it cannot be something new without there being something before. My favourite section reads:

And I asked: ‘What are you doing?’ And he said: ‘I’m Playing.’

‘Playing? With what?’

‘With a thing,’ he said.

You understand? It was the first time. There had never been things to play with before…it meant he had found something new.

Lordy, isn’t that just the work of an actual genius? Think about it, come back to me, but playing with something is a form of discovery. The first form of discovery. For each and every one of us.

I freaking adore this book. That is all.

Until next time x

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