My Backlog of Creativity is Stifling

I am aware that the title of this may seem pretentious, this is because it is, but in simple words I’m basically saying that I’ve lined up way too many creative projects for myself.

I have the unfortunate characteristic of a ‘busybody’ where I feel like I always want to do this, try my hand at that, create that…blah blah. The reason this is unfortunate is because it coincides with my tendency to become easily overwhelmed. So what tends to happen is that I get overexcited about projects, gather a bunch of materials and then they stagnate because I can’t decide what pile to dig into first.

I’ve managed this aspect of myself in other areas of my life pretty well, with routines, and to do lists, blocking out time for certain activities, it isn’t perfect but it works. The problem with creativity is that you can’t really schedule it. I can write down ‘Write, 3pm, Saturday’ all I want, but if the juices ain’t flowing on Saturday, then they just ain’t flowing.

I recognise that this isn’t technically a problem, like ‘ohh I have too many fun things to do’, the issue I have is that I don’t actually do them, because my monkey brain doesn’t know where to start. This has been further exacerbated by the fact that I got a bunch of arts/crafts related stuff for Christmas.

In light of this, I have set a goal for the month of February to clear my table of creative projects. This is (now that I think about it) incredibly stupid to set for February, being that it is the shortest month, and I have the biggest work project of my life this month. But that’s how I roll, baby.

This list is more for me than for you, but this is what needs to get cleared:


Lino Cut Project

Wall Hanging Decor

Knitted Hat


Crochet Kit

Scratch Art

I hope this has been as riveting for you as it has been for me. I’ll update you at the end of the month anyway to let you know how I got on.

Until next time x

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