Who knew that working out was good for you

Let me preface everything I’m about to say by exposing my personality. I am the kind of person that will pick up a project with unbridled enthusiasm and then completely forget about it a month later. I’m making a point to finish all my half- finished (usually creative) endeavours in the first half of this year, but obviously its early days so no guarantees.

Something I have been consistently doing for the last few weeks (about 3 or 4 of them) has been working out at least 4 times a week. I am really hoping it becomes a habit that sticks, not a project I get tired of after a handful of weeks.

I started kind of on and off towards the end of last year. I won’t lie, it was spurned on by completely vain and shallow feelings. I didn’t fit in a lot of my clothes. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. That kind of stuff.

(I think its really important to note here, that I didn’t approach my body with any kind of hatred or disgust, I simply know at what weight and measurement I feel healthy and look fantastic, and I’ve surpassed that now)

So I have been pushed to fit back into my clothes, hence the workouts.

Now I knew it would be hard. I sit at my computer for most of the day, having a desk job. Covid has meant that I only need to journey form one room to the other to get my work done, I have about 2 friends so best believe I’m not out clubbing every evening. I lead a pretty static lifestyle.

So going from spending my evenings on the couch watching Stardew Valley playthroughs on YouTube to struggling through workout regimes on YouTube every other day has been more of a major change than I expected.

Firstly, it was freaking hard to commit in that first week. I would have much rather read a book, or watched tv, or have a bath. But I made sure to workout in view of a mirror to remind myself of what I was working for. And that is my level of pre-covid jiggle. We still want jiggle, but we also want to be able to walk to the shops without being out of breath.

But after the first week I really noticed some differences – not in my body (in fact I’m actually gaining weight right now) – but in my energy levels, my mood, my period.

Let’s start with energy. I am an early riser, with an energy peak between 8am and 12pm. It steadily declines over the afternoon until around 4 or 5pm, where I’m ready for a nap. I used to nap a lot, actually. But now, instead of my 30 minute power nap, I’m doing a 30 minute workout and lordy, does it work so much better than a nap. The beautiful thing is that, now, my brain understands that workout = not tired. So when I am tired? Boom, lay out the exercise mat, baby.

That’s been great, and I think the biggest motivator for me at this point to keep going with it. What’s also been helped is my overall mood, which can be very low most of the time, has been buoyed somehow by walking on the spot regularly. I feel accomplished, I feel healthy, I’ve moved my body – happy endorphins commence.

Lastly, and I can’t say this definitively because every month is different, but it did help with my last period. Usually I am a sack of cramps, lower back pain, tiredness and migraines. Last period? One migraine, out of the whole week, which is actually record breaking for me. No real cramps or heavy back pain, it’s like exercise is a natural painkiller. Why the hell have I not been following health advice sooner? It works like freaking magic, dude.

Anyway, just want to encourage you to move around a bit, it’s done a lot for me already.

Until next time x

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