My To-Do list is not my friend

I’m the kind of person that fills out a daily to-do list in the morning, for the main purposes of making sure I stay on top of my schoolwork and also slip in some incentive to pursue my more taxing hobbies (art, writing etc).

The issue I have sometimes with this, is that I will write too many tasks for one day, the day goes awry and then I feel like a steaming pile of garbage when I haven’t ticked off my eight tasks. So then I try to go the other way, putting down two main tasks for the day and the rest is gravy. The issue with this is, I complete the two tasks by 4pm and then my monkey brain is like ‘I have absolutely nothing to do for the next 5 hours, time to be sad’.

Unfortunately, my nerves hinge on being productive and feeling like I’m not a waste of space. This sounds harsh, because it is, but don’t worry too much because thankfully its very seldom I am overcome by said nerves these days. Its always creeping in though, upsetting my beautiful balance of rest, work and life productivity, and eventually I’m at square one with my to-do list again.

I go through periods where I don’t use it, but then I miss the fantastic satisfaction of crossing out my tasks, I tend to go too deep then. Tasks like ‘dishes’ and ‘reading’ that are more like habits at this point so I’m only writing them down for self-gratification.

What the heck is the balance?

In weird ways though, it really does keep me on track. Work out four days a week. Write two blog posts. Create one art piece (this is my biggest failing). Complete the week’s chapter of uni coursework. Prepare for the next assignment. These are all tasks I have to stay on top of and the list helps me with that.

What is the solution to all this? Is this even really a problem?

Who knows. But its been on my mind lately.

Until next time x

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