I have a problem with all these labels

I took a sec to think about why it is that I refer to depression and bad times in my life as ‘The Big Sad’. Of course, I didn’t make up the term, I saw it on Tik Tok and adopted it immediately because it just sounded lighter than ‘depression’.

I’m not denying that what I go through at times is indeed bouts of depression, or intense sadness or anxiety or whatever, I am just sick of the attachments we’ve put to these words. It makes them have so much more power than they actually do.

Of course, these experiences are bad, but they are all different. My experience of ‘anxiety’ is far different to someone else’s, but they are given the same name? And I’m aware that even creating sub-headings would be destructive. ‘I have Anxiety B’ or I have ‘Anxiety XYZ’ would be almost the exact same thing. I think my issue is that when it comes to ‘mental health’ (another term I think is generalised) the experiences its issues and dips are so incredibly singular and specific to the individual. Yet we tend to forget that and place big handy labels on all these incredibly intricate feelings.

I feel like I’m talking over myself, or going in loops, but listen – I understand the need to label something in order to understand it. I also understand that not everyone is going to think the same thing when it comes to the big labels. But what frustrates me is the fact that these things have to be categorized so rigidly in the first place and then when your experience is different from the ‘typical’ affliction, you are an outlier and then it is more difficult being understood.

Maybe I’m just trying to justify the fact that the labels ‘Anxiety’ and ‘Depression’ make me cringe, but that’s okay I suppose. I guess I’m just frustrated with people that slap these terms onto themselves when it is in fact something else entirely they are going through – or people hear that you are [mental health affliction here] and then suddenly you have a million tags bound to you that have nothing to do with you.

Is any of this making sense to any individual besides myself?

Until next time x

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