Creating a Mental Health Weekend

I really have no reason to be feeling slumpy – other than the fact that the world is still a whole mass of confusion – but honestly that’s what feels normal nowadays anyway.

I hate that phrase ‘sure let’s get back to normality’, like if we pretend that the last two years didn’t happen then life would be all peachy with no consequences for our actions. Just stop talking about normality – there was a time in peak lockdown where I felt just about at my most normal ever – tucked into my couch with my cat reading for three days straight.

But I’m getting off topic, I wanted to talk about feeling like I’m in a slump. The funny thing is, I can feel it coming on and this time I really don’t want to give into it. I won’t disassociate for a week and go on like nothing happened. I’m going to face it and (if I can) get over it in a healthy way.

Last week I took the pre-emptive step of taking this coming Monday off work, to create what I am thinking of as my ‘Mental Health Weekend’. To try and get myself back to that happy go lucky loving life and everything about it mindset.

Jokes. I’m hardly ever that positive but a girl can hope huh?

Its weird this time around because I feel a strange sense of control over this slump, something I haven’t felt before when I feel myself slipping. I am hoping this is a sign of personal growth but honestly I have no freaking idea.

So this weekend I’m going to focus on a mental reset – in other words, relax – and also do a bit of tidying of my physical and mental space, organise my to do list for the upcoming months and generally just get my personal business up to speed.

Thinking of cleaning the house a good deal on Saturday (sorting out my various to do lists). I might order in some sushi and watch Clarkson’s Farm on Sunday night (again), which would follow a day of immense laziness and relaxation. My period is starting next week as well, so best believe I am doing some shopping on Monday for some comfort food (maybe even a new book, don’t tell my boyfriend).

Nothing too crazy, but really its about me, about being mindful this weekend and listening to my body because lawd knows I do not do that on a regular basis.

I also know that logically I could do this on a two-day weekend and heck I should be doing it every weekend but who in their right minds isn’t distracted, exhausted, busy or just a little bit sad on their weekends? That’s been my experience the last few months at least.

I’m taking my weekend back baby.

Until next time x

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