The Value of Intense Rest

I watched this video a few years ago about the difference between ‘high intensity fun’ and ‘low intensity fun’ and clearly the ideas from it have stuck with me.

What the nice, studious, dude with a beard was talking about in that video was how we feel more joy and fulfilment from tasks that resonate with our views of happiness. A good game of golf. Going to the cinema with your boyfriend(/girlfriend). Or painting a picture that takes you sixteen hours to perfect.

These are ‘high intensity’ fun things, whereas something like vegetating on the couch scrolling through Tik Tok is ‘low intensity’ fun. Like, sure, its fun to do and you get a few nose-exhales out of the funny videos, but its not doing anything for you in the long term.

Apparently this was key in achieving balance with work and play and blah blah blah.

Anyway, now that the concept is down for you guys, I want to talk about some hella high intensity fun I’ve just had on my week-long holiday. I travelled down an hour south into the country with my boyfriend and we experienced some nature. Did a few hikes. Saw a seal. Had great food. Relaxed in the sun reading a good book. Building some Lego. Playing Scrabble.

All fantastically high intensity fun activities that I really needed. After a few too many weeks of zoning out in front of YouTube videos when I wasn’t consumed by stress.

What I find funny though is that throughout all that fun, I didn’t really feel rested. I felt refreshed, I felt happy, but not rested. Man, I was tired when we got back home. But that was good because the day after we got back, I spent the whole day doing basically nothing, and it was fantastic.

I forget sometimes that as well as the pillars of ‘work’ and ‘play’ there is also ‘rest’. I struggle to do nothing, to deeply rest, I feel it doesn’t contribute to my existence. But I wouldn’t have been able to confidently approach my work after the week of doing super fun things.

I might have collapsed into a drooling heap on my laptop.

Thank goodness for high intensity rest, huh.

Until next time x

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