The Cat Update No One Asked For

Cats are crazy, dude.

Literally. Did you know that ‘poo-phoria’ is a thing for cats? It’s this euphoria they experience after they poop, it hits some kind of nerve and then they do some zoomies to celebrate.

Poop zoomies.

Cats, everybody.

And I suppose you can guess why I now know that. A few months ago I posted something titled ‘All my thoughts are about this cat’ and lemme tell ya, that’s still true.

We got little Dan from the SPCA about 3 months ago, when he was a shy, teary-eyed little boy. He was afraid of everything, he had health problems as a kitten and couldn’t trust anybody, he broke my heart.

But after a week he let us pet him, a week later was snoozing on our laps, and now he wakes me up every single morning for attention and food. He’s come a long way.

He is definitely his father’s son, Dan is just like my partner, he snores, wants attention but is afraid of love, is always hungry, struggles for no reason and is simultaneously the loudest quiet cat I’ve ever seen. He loves me to pieces.

A room I’m in is a room Dan is in (yes, this makes bathroom trips awkward), he will literally wake up from sleep to stand in the kitchen and watch me do the dishes.

We call him Dan, Danathy, Danald, Daniel, Danthony. Dannis, Danny, Danford, Danton, Danbill, Crazy Dan, Mewmews and Good Boy.

We love him and it feels like he has always been with us.

Of course, he has his anxieties still. He can’t be picked up. He starts at loud noises. But he had to get something from his mother I suppose.

Thinking about Dan makes me think about people who say cats are a dull pet. I am a dog person, I love all doggos and wish for my own some day. But Dan has just as much personality as my childhood dog. He shows love and sadness and annoyance and peace.

Those people clearly have never had cats.

I’m off to go pay some attention to mine.

Until next time x

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