Give Me Reality Over That Reality

You know.

Sometimes the human brain is a slightly unintelligent, highly sadomasochistic beast.

At least mine is anyway.

The longer I go without posting its like my mind goes ‘whoops, you f**ked up, time to abandon this forever’. I mean like for real, give me a break, me.

Anyway, not what I wanted to talk about today. Instead we are going to talk about TV habits. My trash TV habits of the current times because no one likes to sit and be in the big sad.

Did you know they made a remake of Project Runway? No? Me neither. But Amazon has come to the rescue my dudes, with Making the Cut. Its all PR was (sans the constant sewing because SURPRISE they actually get seamstresses) and more. Paris, Tokyo, Heidi, Tim. Hell yeah.

So as you can tell, I’ve enjoyed that.

Blown Away and The Big Flower Fight are next on the list of yes please. Two seasons of glass sculptures? Yes. A conceptual glass incubator for men’s use only? Also yes. Not to mention a giant dinosaur head coming out of the ground. Or even a giant bee with no wings. Give me more Netflix, thank you very much.

Throw in a couple of organisation shows, a half watched rerun of The Witcher and about 4-6 hours of Youtube gameplays and you have my TV habits at the moment. Gab Smolders playing through the Silent Hills has been a real good time.

It is marvellous my friends.

That being said, I needed a break from all that recently. Even the reality TV wasn’t enough to pull me from reality. This past weekend I built a puzzle, I organised some cupboards, I made a metal sculpture, I cuddled my kitten, I painted a little.

Sometimes I forget that I don’t need a break from reality, I need an extraordinary dose of it.

Until next time x

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