Reading My High School Favourites

I read 13 books in the month of April.


I’ll let that sink in. To be honest it hasn’t for me.

And I mean, we can all relate to that adage ‘ I don’t have time to read ‘ , ‘ I have responsibilities ‘, ‘ I’m a big scary adult’, ‘ you know, boo ‘ or something like that. All I’m saying is that it’s hard to find time to read when you have a whole freaking life to manage.

And so, in the middle of life, n walks monsieur Reading Slump. He’s a dickhead. He sticks around longer than he should. He’s draining. I’ve been courting this bitch for a good few months now.

That is – until I decided to go back to a time where I read something like 5 books a week – good old high school days.

I picked up a six book series for 20 bucks off Amazon, the Chronicles of Ixia series, by Maria v. Snyder always had a special place in my heart. I bought it for myself back when I earned a pittance part-time at a book shop. I loved all of them so much I saved to order all the rest that my shop didn’t stock. I was engrossed.

Chronicles Of Ixia 6 Book Set: Poison Study / Magic Study / Fire Study /  Shadow Study / Night Study / Dawn Study: Snyder, Maria V.: 9780007967650: Books
Chronicles of Ixia series by Maria v. Snyder

And so I picked it back up in April, starting with ‘Poison Study’, the first novel, then finishing that series and having to read the off-shoot ‘Glass’ series and then of course I had to order her other fantasy series because I still wanted more.

And let me tell you, it was possibly even better than it was back then. I knew the stories, but not the details, so it felt fresh. But I already loved the characters. It felt like coming home, reading these books.

The writing is not spectacular. The pace is fast. Sometimes I want just a bit more detail than I’m gonna get. But man, what a fantastic world. What a fantastic reading experience.

Have a go at one of your years-old favourites.

Until next time x

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