What I Know Now

In truth – not very much.

In the sense that I still have a long way to go I suppose. And yet I have come so far.

Poetry, anyone?

Anyway – dumb jokes aside – if you were here last week you know that this is the post containing the final episode of my darling podcast. 22 episodes of a confused 22 year old trying to figure out her own life, mind and existence.

I actually can’t believe it’s over. But in the best way possible, because I knew it was time to end it, you know?

I started the podcast as a way to talk through ideas I was too chickenshit to talk to anyone else about. May as well talk to myself.

I’m delighted that I feel ready to let it go. Because I feel comfortable about my ideas, myself and especially with talking to loved ones about them.

Nearly 23 years old and I’ve finally learnt that life is not about getting all the answers you want but about enjoying the process of thinking about them. Of truly existing in the moment, appreciating every thought that comes and observing them with kindness instead of harsh cynicism.

Being confused used frighten the life out of me. I needed to know the next step, my next move, my next goal. Funny how sitting next to a microphone talking rubbish to yourself for 6 months can teach you a fundamental rule about life.

Check out the final episode here, have a look at the rest by searching for the Confused 22 Podcast on Spotify, Deezer, Podchaser or Podcast Addict.

Thank you for listening x

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