Beginnings and Endings

I think I stand with a lot of people when I say that the past year has brought around a lot of internal change for me. Well, to be honest, a lot of external change as well. Lockdown has landed me a new job, new apartment, new kitten, new body (hello extra 6 kilos), a ton of social anxiety, lemme tell ya.

And yet, while a lot of that stuff is simply fantastic, the main changes I’ve seen have been within myself. Sure I have bad days, but in general I’m more sure of myself, I know what I want and I like who I am.

God, what a far cry from me of January 2020.

Of course I had therapy in that time, I learned how to actually communicate my feelings, I learned how to accept my inner most dreams and wants for myself.

Yay for self development! We love her.

Also in the dark days of 2020, I had an idea to start a podcast that explored the topics I felt I couldn’t talk about to anyone else. Fidelity, Cruelty, Living with Ourselves while Living in Society. All the things that I felt if I just got a grasp on I could finally call myself a functioning adult.

So The Confused 22 Podcast was born.

And I suppose it did achieve what it was meant to. I feel a bit more settled in who I am, and I know now that the very term ‘adult’ is so elastic and ever changing that sure. You could call me an adult. I guess.

The 22nd episode has yet to drop – it will be the last, and I’m putting it off I suppose. So this post is basically me trying to be philosophical while also saying whoops no podcast episode this week.

Until next time x

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