All my Thoughts are About This Cat

So. We adopted a cat.

Well, a kitten really, since he’s only seven months old.

Meet Dan. I love him. I would die for him. Dan is incredible.

So the crux of this blog post is that I’m taking a week off from the podcast, but I didn’t want to just do nothing either. I’m taking a week off because I just can’t stop thinking about this little guy. I can’t stop looking at him either.

We got him from a rescue shelter, and the poor guy had never had a home life before. My heart goes out to him.

He’s a little jumpy, which is to be expected honestly, but he’s doing great.

I just wish there was a way for me to say ‘Hey! I’m here to care for you and love you and I won’t kill you. Please don’t run away whenever I enter the room!’

Something like that.

Well I suppose there is a way. Time and space and attention will get there.

Now to develop the patience to provide that…

Its draining all my energy. So no podcast episode! Just Dan.

Until next time xx

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