Realising that I’m not the Only Human in Existence

It sounds pretty self-centered when I put it like that. Of course, I recognise that other people exist – in fact – I recognise it a bit too much sometimes.

I’ve been getting in my head recently about how other people can affect us, influence us, but also the world around us, the conventions we need to follow…etcetera.

Because if you think about it, the way we live now is all based on some made rules by some self-important people that convinced a whole bunch of other people to go along with it. Boom. Society.

Now the issue I have is not really with society here (not in this case, at least) but the fact that we seem to blindly accept our place in it. Hell, I do. Because what else is there to do? Quit my job and become homeless? Spit in the faces of people I don’t agree with? Just start singing at the top of my lungs in the middle of the vegetable aisle?

Yeah. Not really huh.

I mean what other choice is there? We’ve been brought up in this system that kinda works when it works, kinda sucks when it sucks, but its the only way. Unless we want civil wars to rage against us 24/7 – because let’s face it – greedy ass people suck a little bit more than societal constructs.

I’m just wondering where the line is, you know? At what point does this system cease to be a system and become instinct? I’m thinking about the way we experience life now, and the fact that it is so vastly different from experiences in the past, just because some people made big decisions and decided to invoke an arbitrary power.

So now I’m realising that my experience as a human being is not necessarily determined by me, and it makes me upset. I like to have control, we all do, but this is uncontrollable. This is the course of history. This is the progression of humanity.

I suppose I am just now realising that the course of humanity never fully took into account the individual experience. It has been shaped by our collective experience, collective decisions, collective mistakes.

Beautiful on one side. Heartbreakingly depressing on the other.

If you want to hear about the novels that spurred on this line of thinking for me, check out my podcast episode, on experiencing our lives through others.

Until next time x

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