I Cannot Stop Thinking About Nothing

Have you ever come across a concept or a thought, in like a movie or a novel, that stays with you far longer than the plot or the characters? It’s been about 5 years since I read The Witch of Portobello and while I couldn’t recount it save for the major plot points, there is a concept I came across in the novel that I can’t stop thinking about.

Recently I have become obsessed with figuring it out. The concept is that the time between tasks, between thoughts, between actively living, these are spaces of time we need to embrace. I wrote a blog post about a year ago about the same concept, about negative spaces, and because I’ve had so much time to ruminate on it I have added upon the views I had back then.

I think that the key to embracing these spaces in your life, is to practice a patience, that -lemme tell you – does not come easy to me. I am the kind of person that gets filled with anxiety if I cannot complete a task as soon as I see one needs to be done, as quick as possible, so I don’t have to think about it anymore.

But what the old man that taught the woman in that novel, was that the time you spend idle can be just as powerful as the time spent active. The point, I think, is to marry the two.

The ‘nothing’ that falls between writing a letter, or doing the dishes, or meeting a friend, perhaps those moments can live in harmony with all the rest. And instead of rushing to complete everything as quick as possible, we can relax into our tasks and into our lives.

I’ll let you know when I figure out how to do it.

Until then, you can hear more of my musings on this on my latest podcast episode, you can also check out the rest of the episodes by searching for The Confused 22 Podcast on Spotify, Deezer, Podchaser or Podcast Addict.

Until next time x

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