Living Americanah

I read that novel recently and let me tell ya…that’s some good shit. I thoroughly enjoyed Americanah, not just because of its honesty and wit…but because I relate to it.

Well parts of it. I’ll never be discriminated against like the characters in that novel, because I’m white, and the world is messed up dude.

I went to America as a white African. Hell I may as well have been a unicorn. Apparently unheard of, incredibly fascinating, being me.

So anyway, I read this novel and I understood what the characters were going through and it made me think of how I had changed, from my short time living in California. If I changed for the better, even. I mean hope so.

But as I thought about it the thing that kept coming up for me was just the difference in the way people think there. There’s a beauty to it. The simple mindset – hard work bears reward. Its a beautiful thing to believe and in America its actually true.

Which made me realise that in my home country…its not true.

I expand on this idea in my podcast episode here. You can check out my other episodes by searching for the Confused 22 Podcast, on Spotify, Deezer, Podchaser or Podcast Addict.

Until next time x

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