Figuring Out Basic Things About Myself

I suppose it is a good thing that I still tend to surprise myself.

Which I have done, with the answer I came to when thinking about this question.

What is the Greatest Love of my Life?

I was watching a Vanity Fair interview with Stephen Colbert, where they had asked him this question and I was suddenly hit with a brain spiral that I couldn’t get out of for two weeks.

And not necessarily in a bad way, thank heavens, just more of a curious way. I couldn’t confidently name one thing. My hobbies of course are very important to me. My podcast and my blog of course. My job is pretty cool. An to be honest, having a candlelit bath was very close to being number one on the list.

But thinking about this had an interesting collision with what I’ve also been thinking about, which is the concept of radical self acceptance. Accepting EVERYTHING about yourself. The good, the bad, the disgusting green ugly.

And I thought that, if I was able to accept absolutely everything about myself, would I be able to find this elusive life-long love?

I’ll spoil you now and say yes, I did. And let me tell you, it is simply fantastic. I somehow learned that I truly love an aspect of myself that I thought I hated for years and years.

We are on the road to self-acceptance ladies and gentlemen. That and learning actual basic ass things about ourselves at 22 years of age. I sincerely suggest you give this question good thought, you might learn something glaringly obvious, or just remind yourself that you are a passionate, love-filled human.

Catch my answer to this question here, on my podcast. Or search for The Confused 22 Podcast on Spotify, Deezer, Podchaser or Podcast Addict.

Until next time, friends x

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