Stressing Out About The Very Passage Of Time

Hello, coming to you all from a place of sheer anxiety and neuroticism. Hi, how ya doing. I’m freaking out, thanks for asking.

Alright, putting the panic aside for a second. I’ve been thinking about the multiple ‘firsts’ I’ve experienced in my life. Yes, first times are not the most unique topic of conversation, but bear with me.

Not only have my own first times been on my mind, but also everyone else’s. Everyone whose first time involves me. Any kind of first. First Kiss. First Colleague. First Friend. The intense interconnection of all of us, of everyone I know.

It’s stressing me out man.

In the context of right now, I can’t stop being aware of the passage of time, since I had my firsts pop into my head. It is Monday and it is dark outside, and for some reason, the ticking of the clock adds to my anxiety. Gosh, it’s fun being me.

Okay, I’ll stop complaining lads, its really not that bad.

What really captured me this week is how my job has changed over the years. I’ve changed jobs, a few times since I started working when I was sixteen. It actually started because I’m so dang happy in my current job. I’m a writer for Pete’s sake. A real life writer!

It got me thinking how far I’ve come, from where I’ve come, and what I learned at my very first job. That first job where I also had my first accident, first adult conflict, first thwart of those bigger than me. I was also someone else’s first, because of that job.

Hear me talk all about it in my latest podcast episode.

Catch the catalogue of episodes of The Confused 22 Podcast, when you search on Spotify, Deezer, Podchaser and Podcast Addict.

Until next week x

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