Getting Dramatic About Things I Don’t Like

I freaking love that cat picture, dude, never have I felt so truly seen as a person. I am that kitty. That kitty is me.

Anyway, as the brilliantly positive person that I am, I’ve been thinking about the things I don’t like. Or rather, the things I didn’t used to like, because I thought enjoying absolutely any experience on the planet made me gross and uncool.

Where the heck did I learn this?

High School, baby.

Ah yes, the terrors of my youth strike again. I actually am getting tired of all the issues I keep digging up from my teenage years, stupid adulty inhibitors. I just want to be a functioning lady, indulging in Brunch and Taylor Swift and not feel guilty about it.

Truly…what am I even saying. Actually my point is that, I think the lesson I gleaned from high school was incorrect. Shocker.

I used to believe that investing in something, and showing other people I care about it, would just set me up for failure. If I showed that I actually cared about passing the test and didn’t, that would somehow make me even more of a loser.

Technically, I do get this logic. You never fail if you never try, right? But the problem with this logic is that it is so inherently negative, that of course you could never be happy putting this into place.

I think I am learning that.

I talk about my journey in becoming aware this flaw in myself, then lumping it on to society for molding my generation into the anxious ‘I-don’t-like-anything-please-don’t-laugh-at-me’ monsters we are today, in my newest podcast episode.

Yes, I am that dramatic. Catch my drama on Spotify, Deezer, Podchaser or Podcast Addict.

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