Is Infidelity Subjective?

Another week! Another spicy, anxiety filled week, my lovely petunias.

This week I dove a little bit into my relationship related thought bubble. I’ve been reflecting on a situation I’ve been through, were I wasn’t aware a guy I’d been with for a few months had been sleeping with his ex the whole
time we we’re together.

Super fun, right?

But I’m actually alright with it, now, I learned to get over it. I met someone so much better because of it.

But it has made me wonder about a different aspect of cheating. Of infidelity. About the perspective of the person doing the bad things.

Do they know that what they’re doing is out of bounds? Did I ever communicate that I wanted an exclusive deal?

Because life is different these days, people have casual relationships with multiple people, and it’s absolutely normal.

And yet we aren’t exposed to it at all until it’s “too late”.

So how do we fix that? How do we make sure we’re aware of it?

Catch my discussion on this, on the Confused 22 Podcast. You can tag along in Spotify, Deezer, Podchaser and Podcast Addict.

Thank you so much friends, have a lovely week.

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