Are Hobbies Worthwhile to us Adulty Adults?

Well, I’ve stuck to it another week. True progress to be honest.

I’ve been thinking about this question for some time, since I started getting back into playing ukulele (very badly).

You see, as a neurotic over-achiever, I’m just terrible at being bad at stuff.

What I mean is that I don’t like making mistakes, or being a novice, or just simply not being good at something. I’m a decent painter, so I paint. I sing fairly well, so I be singing. I write with the passion of a thousand golden suns, so I’ma write baby.

But why is it so damn hard for me to stick to a new activity? On top of that, start a new activity that yields no real worlds benefits for me. At least at first glance.

I have this internal struggle multiple times a week, as I talk myself out of practicing because I’m rubbish anyway. Nothing will come from me learning this skill, I cannot for the life of me, listen to myself play the SAME six songs yet again. I’ll just pick it up tomorrow.

I say this to myself, with all the innocent and shiny intentions of bettering my existence through reading or study…then I proceed to vegetate in front of my phone, watching YouTube, for what I can conservatively call a six hour window.

Nuh uh. I’m breaking the cycle. The stigma. Why is it that I don’t think that learning to play an instrument is worth my time? Or that it should be for anyone else’s gain?

Catch my discussion on this, as I try to figure this out, on The Confused 22 Podcast:

Available on Spotify, Deezer, Podchaser and Podcast Addict.

Have a lovely week my beautiful bubbles x

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