I Started a Podcast!

Hello, friends, and neurotic turtles!

I have been absent from my beloved blog for quite some time now. My absence being poetically preceded by a statement of ‘I will try harder to post more regularly’. But life goes on.

However, there is a defence I shall propose. I have been working on a conjunctive project to my blog (big drum roll, even though you’ve read the title) I am starting a podcast! Well, by the time you read this, the podcast will have gone live already.

The Confused 22 Podcast, my new baby, will be out on the internet for all to see, all to judge…but we choose not to think deeply about that, ladies and gentlemen. The podcast will be a sister to the blog, for every podcast episode there will be a corresponding blog post. Not the same content doubled over, fear not, the blog post will delve into my internal thought processes when it comes to choosing topics for my podcast. What inspired me to delve into a particular topic…that kind of stuff.

Basically going to let you in on my own internal madness. This is gonna be fun, lads.

I have, for the last few months, been crippled with the fear of a thousand Annabelle baby doll possessions, at the prospect of putting my actual human voice out there. Writing is simple. I’m fairly decent at it. The wit comes much more easily when I’m typing on my very non-imposing pink keyboard.

I got a pink microphone, yet somehow it is the most imposing instrument I have ever seen. Letting people hear your voice is spooky. But I’m so incredibly passionate about my baby podcast, and what it represents.

The aim is to invite conversation around topics that no one really likes to address. What it means to be an adult. Why we exist. Why we do the things we do. What does everything mean. Why does everyone freaking expect us to be dazzling functioning adults by the time we turn 21?

As I have reflected on being 21, realising I am not, in fact, an adulty adult, I feel now is the time to try answer all the burning questions I have. Hopefully I can bring some clarity to my fellow youths and we can maybe figure out this whole mess together.

Catch my first episode, via this link : https://www.buzzsprout.com/1354282/5501164

or have a listen on Spotify, Podcast Addict, Podchaser or Deezer.

Have a lovely week, my friends.

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