What We Can Lean From: The High Priestess

It has been a hot minute since I wrote a tarot post, and I’m excited for this one because, as a young female, Miss High Priestess ticks all my boxes.

She is a powerful, intuitive and incredibly feminine presence within the Tarot. If you pull this card as an over arching generality to your reading, you will know that intuition is on your side. The females in your life are about to drop some dope advice. And you know that you need to trust your instincts on all the things. She really is just the best.

A card that is focused on spirituality, the High Priestess is a reminder to remain in touch with that which you feel, but cannot see. Gut feelings are to be followed. If you are stuck between trusting your beliefs as opposed to others, fight for your own, they are working to serve you at this moment.

If you’re pulling for a romantic reading, she can symbolise a strong feminine counterpart. Brilliant and incredibly worthy of your attention. Some people have a pretty racy view of her in this context, believing she symbolises multiple partners. (We don’t judge, you get em, honey.)

What’s interesting is that reversed, the meaning doesn’t change all that much. Your intuition is still correct, the feminine and spiritual presence is still there, but for some reason you are choosing to ignore it. This is a warning against that, perhaps even an insight to a pattern you may find yourself in. Why don’t you trust your gut? What is holding you back from doing what you know to be right?

The High Priestess is, in herself, very empowering. She knows what she wants, she’s wise, spiritually enlightened, and willing to help. There’s no way pulling her can be a bad thing, when you look at it like that.

Take a page out of her book and trust in yourself. Recognise your power and the power of your intuition. You are more tuned in than you believe.

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