Personality vs Routine

People with anxiety have a pretty good grasp on routines, in my experience. We know that to have a routine means to establish comfort, and we can allow our brains to rest. So we’re all currently losing our minds at the moment.

The funny thing is that our routines might not even be good for us. Some of us develop habits of stress eating, picking out our eyelashes or flirting with strangers online. But some of us like to wake up at seven in the morning and stretch before we can even begin to think about our day. Some routines are simply are more destructive than others. Each to their own. I’m not gonna judge.

What I’m interested in, is the fact that our routines are so monitored by society that some of them are deemed ‘unusual’ and we have to stop them.

Who’s to say that the girl who puts make up on at six pm only to take it off at seven pm is the one who’s doing it wrong? Or the guy that only eats donuts on Tuesdays and bagels on Thursday? Why is everything that makes us who we are so insane?

Perhaps I’m touching on the topic of madness. I did recently watch Shutter Island so it’s more than likely. But I truly think that anxious people have it hard in ways that a lot of us don’t understand. We think people are ‘weird’ or ‘off’ if they don’t conduct themselves in the same way as the beautiful people in the media. Shameful.

I’m wondering why people are given are given a label simply because of their routine, because of what brings them peace, no matter how small and arbitrary it may be. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think judging people should be negated, but jumping to conclusions because they’re different from your idea of normal is something else entirely.

I suppose the injustice of the world is getting to me. The labels I’ve had to shred simply because of the way I manage are far too many. The prejudice I’ve witnessed breaks my heart.

I believe that people are more than what they do. How they find comfort. We are also who we love. Our ideas of the world. Our memories and our passions. We are more than our routines.

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