Misconceptions of Youth

Let’s talk about the ever popular phrase, “these are your best days”, which for some reason gets thrown at you as you experience the crushing hormones of puberty.

I can guarantee that at least half of us have heard something along those lines. Even as twenty-somethings, thirty-somethings, forty-somethings. The older generation will always impress on how easy we have it. How we are experiencing our best days yet. Do not complain.

Do not complain. Do not take up space. Do not speak unless you’re told. Do not show disrespect to anyone older than you.

All of these rules and oppressions, that only serve to make us waste away in our youth, to grow up before our time. Why is it that young people are deemed as lesser? Why is it that we do not deserve the same respect as the stranger who is double our age? Why do we have to sit back and be grateful for being told to stay quiet?

I do believe that our elders impress that upon us because that’s what their elders told them. Back before the world went through a dramatic change in a matter of a few decades. Where generational gaps are far narrower than they are now.

As someone who stayed as small as possible for years and years, I know now what a waste that was. How I could have been living and expressing myself and experiencing the joys of youth that my elders were too scared to share with me.

There should be a better way to treat young people. To treat anyone that is younger than you. They are people, they deserve respect, you are not better because you’ve been alive longer. Guidance should not mean dictatorship.

In honesty, the best days are those when you are finally given the freedom to take advantage of your youth. When you can express yourself just as you are.

Why are “our best days” all of those where we couldn’t be ourselves?

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