Tapping into Inspiration

This one can be quite an annoying concept for people who create things. Who use ‘inspiration’ to carry out a task. Writing a song, or painting a mural, we tap into some form of inspiration in order to do these things.

I’m not doubting the validity of that. There certainly are times when I’m sitting minding my own boring business, when an incredible short story idea strikes, suddenly I’m spending the rest of the day writing about killer robot penguins. Or something like that.

There seems to be a misinterpretation of the phrase ‘tapping into inspiration’ that, let me be honest, annoys the living daylights out of me. This is when people who do more logic-based forms of work and recreation believe that the only difficulties creative people face is finding their inspiration. Of course, it’s the ideas we lack, please tell me about your million dollar idea for a novel because writing is only difficult because I have no creative ideas.

Like, come on.

It was only recently I started facing this. When you tell people you’re a writer, or a musician, or an artist, you seem to get one of two reactions. The first being an immediate outburst of “but what is your real job?”, the second, possibly more infuriating, being “Oh my gosh I’ve had a story idea that is just incredible you could write it for me.” Just no.

Yet somehow both of those responses are tied to their low opinion of having a career in the arts. The second option is just more insidious. You write my idea because I can also be creative and obviously the most difficult part of the writing process is coming up with a good story.

In truth, it’s easy for us all to be inspired, that’s in our nature. It comes from curiosity and a desire to learn and the brilliant way our brains interpret information. We all possess the ability to tap into a wealth of inspiration that can lead to greatness. The struggle doesn’t lie in finding something that excites you. The struggle lies in putting in the work that allows your vision to come to life. To remain excited through multiple drafts and rereads and believe in your idea.

True inspiration comes from the constant diligence of working on what you love. From pushing through when you seem like you’ll never get unstuck. Of believing in your ability to do anything you put your mind to.

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