We are Fleeting

I’m proud of that title. It sounds like something the gorgeous heroine of a teen coming-of-age movie says, just as the dorky kid learns that his true value lies within, or whatever.

But romanticism aside, I truly believe it, human beings are a fleeting sort of creature. We don’t spend much time in any one mood or physical space, our emotions constantly evolve and to the person that doesn’t experience a million different thoughts in one day…we’re all jealous. Stop being so damn calm.

Even if we don’t like to admit. Our lives are a constant mixing pot of experiences, for a terribly short time, and then we die. There was a time where I paid attention in science class and learned about exothermic reactions. Where the potential energy builds up for a certain period of time until bang, massive release of energy and change, and then absolutely nothing. Our lives are like that, the big energy is our thoughts and experience, our emotions and energies.

I came to realise this as I was sitting on my bed turning on my playlist. The same playlist I listen to every day, in the same order. I knew exactly what song was coming, knew every single word the skinny kid was singing as he plucked his ukulele, yet I still felt a rush of positivity as the song about love and hope played in my ears.

This is an incredible gift, I thought, with a stupid grin on my face.

It made me realise that our minds are in a constant state of motion, of change, nothing is definite. As soon as the song finished playing a went back to my Facebook feed and proceeded to feel jealous of all the people with cute dogs for thirty minutes. The feeling was gone, but it existed in itself so wonderfully that it made me recognise it.

Perhaps that is the great mystery to why we exist. Perhaps we are here to recognise the incredible changes we experience on a daily basis. Perhaps we are here to wonder at the magnificence of emotion. The volatility of thoughts. The depth of our experiences.

Or maybe we are just here to think about that, and then move on to the next idea? Such is the nature of us human beings.

We are fleeting.

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