What we can learn from: The Magician

The Magician serves as a reminder of our own form of ‘magic’. It refers to our abilities to manifest and create what we desire through willpower and work.

This is an inspirational one. When you pick up the magician, it is firstly a good omen that you will soon bring to life what you have been working towards. It commends you on your focus and power of will. You have tuned into your inner strength and are using it to bring about your desires.

A good way to align with magician energy is to use manifestation practices. Dream boards and guided meditation will yield you good results. The reason for this is that the energies you put out will be the ones you receive. This is an important aspect of the magician, the balance of this duality, ‘what is within is also without’. This is the basis of modern day ideas of magic, a witch or wizard using their inner power to warp the world around them.

Thus, the magician also comes with a warning, should this balance be off. A reversed magician could signal that you are using your strengths for the wrong reasons, that you are losing sight of your true wishes and purpose, being led astray by the ‘shiny’ aspect of magic. When this card shows its negative side in a reading about your relationships, there may be illusions and trickery afoot, be cautious.

Deep meditation and generosity practices will help you find this balance again. Keep your true purpose close to your heart when practicing magic, as it links very closely with our desires, keep a determined will and focus on your ultimate goal.

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