The Problem With Hustle Culture

Let’s talk about the fad in recent years to plan every second of your existence in a gorgeous bullet journal, make the most out of every day on six hours of sleep, achieve all o your goals within six months, and hold three jobs. All at once.

Please save us from these expectations.

This of course came from good intentions. The internet generation is really just trying to push itself to be better, we want to compete with the incredible people we keep up with on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. We have the ability to do that, it’s basically ingrained in us now to pick up our phones as we get out of bed. Not because we’re lazy screen zombies, either, we need to check emails, converse with colleagues, read the news.

But it comes at a cost. We have so much information, so much potential for greatness at our very fingertips, that we need to do something with it. We need to busy ourselves with learning a new language or creating a masterpiece or following an insane workout schedule. We can. So we do.

I find two main problems with this. Firstly, is that the hustle to have everything perfect all the time, puts us out of balance. We may be succeeding in our side job or making great progress in our new pottery hobby. But our mental health is flagging, or our friendships are straining.

It’s really okay to take your time. Put your energy into things you know are important to you, but don’t neglect the things that may keep you inspired and healthy.

The second problem is that it warps our mindsets on what it means to be successful. Have you noticed that so many people, when asked how they are, reply with “I’m so busy?” Especially like right now, in times of quarantine and lockdown, we put ourselves under so much pressure to create and achieve.

Perhaps time is better spent on recovery? On reflection? And most assuredly, on maintaining relationships? With yourself and with others.

Hustle culture forces us to believe that success can only be found in ticking off a truckload of tasks and to be envied by others. This cuts us off from what makes us really happy, loving others and loving ourselves.

Take a breath. It’s all okay. Simply exist, with yourself and with the people you love.

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