How To Feel More Comfortable With Who You Are.

It is too easy these days to think the worst of ourselves. Not just in the way we look (that’s a whole other post) but in the way that we feel about ourselves. About our worth, validity and usefulness in this world. There can be a loss of some kind of purpose, like our usual jobs and routines, that is causing you to feel like a stranger in your own life.

With so much time to think these days, it is certainly a good idea to implement a few simple ways to feel more comfortable being with yourself. Here are eight suggestions you can implement today:

  • Establishing a Mantra

There’s an interesting concept which suggests that our thoughts shape our lives. This is based in the belief of manifestation and aligning your energies you give out with the energies you want to receive. In more simple terms, what you put in is what you get out. This is very easy to implement in your every day life. Whatever it is that you desire (in the case of this article it is peace and validation) you summon it to you, with practiced thoughts, otherwise known as a mantra.

You could choose anything really, as long as you deliver it with purpose and belief. You could say I am worthy and make good decisions whenever you look in a mirror. Or I am a fabulous unicorn that no one else can imitate or I will not lose my house keys today because I am an organised and intelligent life form. You know, whatever it is you want to summon into your life, go for it. Show the universe, and yourself, that you believe you can be what you want to be.

  • Meditation

This can be so very simple if you find the flow of it. When you start out, it is really easy to let your mind wander off to what you need to cook for dinner in a few hours, but that’s okay. With practice, you’ll get better at centering your mind and on focusing your intentions.

There are loads of guided meditations you can find for free on places YouTube and The Incredible Google. If that’s not your jam, you can put on some quiet instrumental music and just try to focus on your breathing for five minutes. The results will be a more centered and focused you.

  • Social Media Purge

This is a popular one. And it doesn’t have to involve you casting your iPhone into a large bonfire, although that would look pretty cool. This about taking in information that won’t put your mind in that horrible state of “Everyone is better than me and I’m an ugly slug and why can’t I bake souffles while simultaneously writing my first novel?”. Leave that behind.

Delete all the accounts that don’t inspire you, don’t resonate with you, and that make you feel like a sub-par human being. They are not serving you. The less time you have to compare yourself to others, the more time you have to spend on loving yourself, which is a serious win.

  • Turn up the Music

This goes along the same vein of taking in positivity in order to have a better idea about your life. I will never stop singing the praises of a good playlist that puts me in that good mood/productivity/inner peace zone. I’ll take anything I can get. So should you.

Create a playlist of your favourite songs, or the songs that make you dance, or the songs that ignite your creativity. Flood yourself with inspiration and happiness because as the rule goes, you get what you give. Give yourself the gift of a good tune, you’ll be surprised what you can get out of it.

  • Lifting up Others

It’s hardly going to make a difference to your self-image if you start practicing mindfulness and adapting happier habits, if you bring people down while you’re doing it. It never makes you feel good, not for real, and it’s unecessary.

Once you start encouraging others to be their best selves, believing in them and supporting them, you are sending out messages to the universe. That you are a person that surrounds themselves with incredible people who you believe in, because you respect yourself and won’t hang around with Negative Nancies just because you feel like you have to. You have too much respect for those around you and especially for yourself to be spreading negativity like them.

  • Daily Intention

This may be the easiest and quickest way to start feeling more validated within yourself. You can set yourself an intention which you’d like to live your day by. This could be as simple as getting up and promising yourself as you’re brushing your teeth that today you will try to make the people you love smile. Or that you’ll start working to recognise your strengths. Or your downfalls.

Live your days with a purpose that matters to you and won’t have you running around trying to get everything done so that someone will be proud of you. Be proud of the small steps you are taking to live the life that feels good to you.

  • Show You Care

This is important because we forget about it all the time. Do something every know and then that lets your body know that you care about it, that your grateful for it and all it does for you. This will not only help you get more in touch with your own body but help you in accepting it as well.

This can mean taking a salt bath to help your tense muscles, or avoiding sugar for a day so that your body can have a rest, or putting on a face mask. Painting your nails. Double conditioning your hair. Approach it in a sense that you are saying thank you to your body and you will feel that sense of love and gratitude that you so rightly deserve.

  • Shout it Out

Perhaps not literally. Although if it will make you feel better screaming into a pillow, that can work as well. Start talking to your friends and family about the things that bring you joy, shout about them to the rooftops. There’s no need to feel embarrassed if it doesn’t resonate with a certain someone, talk to somebody else, there has to be another person who understands why you love what you love.

When you talk about your passions it has a way of igniting that creative spark within you. Feed it and run with it, it can only lead you to good places.

  • You Are Enough

This is a frame of mind more than anything else. You need to approach yourself, your decisions, actions and intentions, with compassion. You need to recognise that you are an incredible snowflake with no one else on this planet even closely resembling you and the way you think and what you have to offer the universe.

Let go of feeling like you have to be better or as good as others. You are on your own incredible journey, whatever it may be, cut yourself some slack.

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