Taboos and Tarot Cards

There’s an interesting aspect of society that I think we should be aware of. By the big terrifying concept of ‘society’, I just mean the culmination of the media we consume, the common ideas held by our peers, and the hustle mentality that seems to only focus on making money and being incredibly good looking.

If it brings people genuine happiness, that’s okay, do sit-ups until the cows come home. Yet half of our motivation these days seems to be born from jealousy and general feelings of inadequacy. Why do we let it get to us? It becomes so ingrained in us to be a certain type of human, that we feel terrible if we aren’t consuming six bottles of fruit infused water, while we run ten kilometre hikes…uphill.

This really boils down to the unbelievable expectations placed on us by society. It promotes a single path to growth that undermines so many other facets of life. How often do we see mainstream media praising the chronically anxious for getting out of bed? Encouraging the white witches of our time in developing their relationship with nature? Envying the happily married father of six who has embraced his love of painting his nails? Certainly not as often as we see fitness transformations, girls in bikinis with perfect bodies, webinars on how to make money online with only three clicks.

Over the years, we have forgotten an integral part of what makes us happy, our soul. We have learned to surround ourselves with things and ideas that make us feel good, without nurturing our intuition, our sincerest feelings that we’re so very afraid of. Some of us don’t consider it important, that’s okay, yet if you feel like you could reach higher levels of calm, there is a groundbreaking solution.

Just do whatever you want. And I mean absolutely every ‘silly’ form of enlightenment you’ve been too scared to do, worrying that the world will judge you. They will, they will judge because they don’t understand, they want you to be exactly like them. They are afraid of your spiritual potential, because once you realise it, you will wield it like the fierce warrior you are.

Meditation is so hyped up because it actually works. Give it a try. Crystal healing allows you to become conscious of different aspects of your health, in mind and body. Tarot cards give you perspectives you may have overlooked and slowly teaches you to trust your intuition. Palm Reading. Chakra Healing. Yoga. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Once you enter the spiritual community, who will welcome you with incredibly open arms, you will discover so many ways to grow.

The process of learning may be difficult, being a beginner is never easy, but it is an exciting part of the journey. Embarking on a spiritual journey, no matter how deeply you fall into it, can only help you achieve peace. Finding support groups that align with your ideas can mean the world of difference to your sense of self worth. Diverging from the common path is unbelievably liberating and as you pave your own way to happiness, you will find that others will want to follow, you inspire others to find their own happiness.

Whenever you start, whatever you start with, be prepared for a barrage of naysayers. The hold of society over the minds of people is strong and unyielding. They are only wanting happiness for you, but in a way that fits neatly into the bubble of a perfect Instagram post, do not be deterred. Your own peace and happiness is more important, have faith that you know what you need, stick to your esoteric guns, honey.

Then reap all the rewards the world wants to hand to your soul.

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