Wanderlust and the Benefits of Experiencing it Alone


What a beautiful word. Lovely to say and lovely to look at, with only fabulous connotations, wanderlust is basically the rock star of the noun kingdom. The funny thing about it is that the love of travel simply has to be groomed in order to exist. We do not come crawling out of the womb thinking about the first opportunity we’ll have to be able to spend a weekend in a foreign faraway land. (Gross analogy but there you go.)

Yet as teenagers, with our dream boards and photo albums full of potential vacation spots, we recognise that travel is something inherently good. It gives us new perspective, opens our mind and grows our independence. The truly great thing about it is that you don’t have to save up for four years to go to that once-in-a-lifetime trip to Thailand to experience it. I mean, if you want that trip to Thailand, please continue saving and manifesting your dreams. Yet the beauty of travel can be experienced within a twenty minute drive away from your bustling city/farmhouse/suburb.

Honestly, take your car, or the bus, or your feet, and head in that one direction you never have before. You may run across a gorgeous little stream tucked away in a small patch of woods, or a park that has just the right length of grass to satisfy your OCD, or simply find a house painted in a ridiculous orange. And in our current climate, the more secluded and tucked away it is, the better. Search for that perfect hiking trail that no one knows about, that driving route that clears your head and allows you to count how many dogs walk across the road, or the perfectly shaded hideaway that lets you reflect for hours on end without being discovered.

There will always be a path to take, when you look to satisfy your wanderlust, no matter your situation. It is in the way we perceive the world that contributes to our love of it, look for new and exciting ways, and you will never lose that love.

This idea is important, the way you look at and experience the world is very personal, and it should be. We should be allowed to learn and grow without the judgement of others. We should be able to seek enlightenment, peace, a quiet place to reflect, a cool new bar, a hot guy to make out with, anything we could possibly want, without having to think for one second what the person next to us is thinking of our intentions.

Not only does it contribute to your freedom of building your own special relationship with the world, it allows you an independence that is vital, a way to validate yourself in your decisions without looking back. The more you get to know the world around you, the more you understand your place in it, the more you understand your own mind. An amazing side effect of letting yourself lead the way, of nurturing your relationship with the world around you, is that you become better with people. You get better at meeting new people (you even get excited about it), you get better at knowing which people should be by your side, as you start looking for the values that align with your own.

These are the lessons to be learnt from the world around us, if we choose to receive them, if we open ourselves to the daring land of wanderlust. Right now.

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